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  • Bold Solutions for the North Coast

    With a clear focus on jobs, education and the environment, Mike McGuire is uniting our North Coast communities to solve our toughest challenges.
  • Helping schools thrive

    Mike worked with education leaders to generate more than $500,000 in private funds for public school programs in science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Staying focused on jobs

    Mike united the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors behind a jobs plan that has helped Sonoma County lead all metropolitan areas of the state in job growth.
  • Protecting Our Pristine Coast

    Mike has been a champion for our environment, protecting thousands of acres of sensitive open spaces and ridgelines, rivers and coastline.
  • Connecting Rural Communities

    Coming from a family of farmers, Mike has always been a strong advocate for rural communities and will fight to improve access to jobs, health care and the broadband infrastructure that connects us all.
  • Making Parks a Priority

    Mike knows that North Coast parks and open spaces are key to our local economies and a high quality of life for our families. Mike fought successfully to add new open space and keep parks open despite state budget cuts.

What’s Happening!

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    SB 149 Petition

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